Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cabin Progress - July 10

The walls were done and it was time to place the large beams across the top, a job requiring a crane.  As you can see, this was not your ordinary crane.  Jen, Ken, and Ken's daughter Jess found the crane owner when they bought a car from him for Jess.  Dakota Geringer's crane is far more photogenic than most cranes.  The truck is a 1958 GMC truck that is not highway legal so was hauled out on a trailer.

Another view of the crane.

Galen helping guide the beam into place.  The wind wasn't helping.

There were five and a half large beams put into place.  They didn't get started until after supper so were racing daylight.


Ken, Tink and Deja.  Note the very nice looking grey stain on the logs.

I'm glad he is smiling because his body language seems to be saying, "Oops!"  Actually, everything went very well and was finished before dark.

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