Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zapata Falls

Kent and Judy hiked to the top of the Dunes in the morning and to Zapata Falls in the afternoon.  The Sand Dunes and the Crestones (mountains) are in the background.

Bill and Susan at Zapata Falls.

Bill and Susan at the falls.  You can't see the falls until you get right in front of them which requires a 1/2 mile walk up the mountain and about 1/4 up the middle of a stream.  The water was colder, deeper, and faster than it was when Galen and I went to the falls last year so there was less rock hopping and more just walking in the water so we all had cold feet for a while after our hike.   The road to the falls parking lot was worse than we remembered.   Not too big a deal for our high clearance truck but more of a challenge for a Prius!

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