Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dirty Dogs

Lloyd, Joyce and Parker stopped by for a visit and we all took a trip out to the cabin.

Deja, Joyce, Parker, and Atticus getting ready to leave.  Parker discovered plopping down into a mud puddle was fun so wasn't as white when he left as he was when he got there.

Parker, Atticus, and Deja.  Deja didn't have much patience for a puppy with as much energy as Parker has and six month old Atticus was briefly outpuppied by Parker and went and hid.

But Atticus couldn't stand missing out on the fun for too long so came out of hiding and played with Parker.  Parker hadn't been off a leash in a while and ran and ran and jumped and played and had a ball.   We were told he slept really well all the way to Pagosa Springs and back.

Most of the mud dried and brushed off Parker before it was time to leave.  It takes a while longer for a dog with long hair.  This was not a good time to be standing next to a tail wagging Atticus who "painted" a few muddy stripes on my black pants before settling down with something to gnaw on.

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