Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bellingrath Gardens

We met up with friends from Colorado at Bellingrath Gardens near Mobile today.  The gardens and weather were beautiful.  The six of us ate lunch at the gardens and I highly recommend the trio salad.  I had an excellent shrimp salad and two broccoli sides salads for a mere $7.95.

Now some photos from the gardens:

This flower is partially in bloom.

Same flower with no blooms.

Galen, Elize, Frances, and Neil.

Karen, Elliot, Frances

Neil and Galen
Elliot, Frances, Neil, Galen, Karen, and Frances

This snake was at water's edge and we were told it is a water moccasin.

A closer view.

The snake was on the ground in front of that person to the left of the bridge.

Elliot and Galen

The boardwalk.

Elise on the bridge.

Another snake - this one in the grass.

Note the boardwalk to the right.

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