Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mardi Gras Parade, Foley, Alabama

There are parades galore in this area but we only made it to this one and what a great day for a parade it was.  Temp was 74 sunny degrees.  We arrived early, got a prime parking spot, and sat in our chairs in the back of the truck.  The parade was small but very nice.

This interesting fellow rode on one of the floats.

Galen and I thought this Foley High School Steel Band was the best part of the parade.

We came home from the parade with many beads and two Moon Pies.  Why Moon Pies?  I have no idea.  We don't like them so gave them to our friends.

There is a very nice train museum in Foley and this train can usually be found giving train rides there.

Most people, like me, take photos of the floats and such but Galen is more creative and got some fun shots of the parade watchers.

Note the temperature on the bank sign - 74 degrees!

This little girl looks like she has had enough parade for today.

I took a photo of Galen wearing beads several years ago and never thought I'd get him to wear beads again, but I did.  :-)

Anyone need some beads?  I have extras.

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