Monday, March 17, 2014

Tenshaw Delta Boat Trip

A group of us took one of the 5 Rivers Delta Cruises on this boat.

The nutria is not native to this area and is quite destructive.

Nutria have chewed down all this vegetation.


Osprey Tree


Cormorants.  It is still too cold for alligators so except for the nutria all the wildlife we saw today were birds.  We were told about a night time summer trip where they shine lights on the shore and see many, many red eyes - alligator eyes.  If I could stand the heat and humidity, I would love to see that.

A different view of I-10.  This stretch of the interstate is part of the Bayway.

This looks like a sandy beach but the beach is actually made of shells.  It was a good place to catch shellfish and people would eat and then discard the shells where they sat.  They did this for hundreds of years and eventually those shells became this beach.

We just scratched the surface of the delta on this trip - a fascinating area you could explore for years.

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