Monday, June 14, 2010

June 10 - Band Concert

They have been having band concerts in Iola, KS for more than 100 years and one of the members of the band has been a member for 40 years.  It was a pleasant night for the hour long concert and the band played a nice mix of music. There is a farmer's market before the concert and on July 10, they will be having their annual CHARLIE MELVIN, MAD BOMBER RUN FOR YOUR LIFE 5k run and 3k walk.
     Iola was a raucous boom town 105 years ago with factories, smelters, brick and cement plants, and a bunch of illegal saloons.  Charley stole 1500 pounds of dynamite and blew up three of the saloons at 12:26 a.m..  No one was killed but many windows, brick walls, and bottles of liquor were lost in the blast.
     The run/walk starts at 12:26 a.m. on West Street in downtown Iola - the scene of the crime - and ends at the jail where Charlie was briefly held.  Folks are advised to come early to see the "Drag Race" - mostly dignified businessmen dressed as women.  It sounds like the evening will be a blast.  :-)

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