Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May 31 - Family and Friends

We kidnapped Jen and Ken from the TAT and made them go to dinner with our friends who came to visit.  Starting front left and going around the table: Ken, Jen, Donna, Ashley, Ron, Bill, Susan and Galen.  We returned Ken and Jen to the bike trail the next day.
After dinner we went back to the campground and some of the gang tried out the trikes.   Ron and Donna, full time RVer friends, were on their way to work at Dollywood and taking their granddaughter, Ashley along with them so couldn't stay long.  Bill and Susan live in Columbia, MO but we first met in Mountain View, Arkansas.  I didn't get any photos, but we had a lovely time playing music together. They are both excellent dulcimer players and play my kind of music - pretty, picked duets with lovely harmonies.  We'll see them in Mountain View in September and Ron and Donna, too.  They have succumbed to the charm of the music and people of Mountain View just like we have.

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