Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 20 - Father's Day

We spent 1.5 hours on Father's Day afternoon either standing in the men's room (Jen and I wanted to die with our men.) or standing just outside the building until the tornado warning was over.  

Jen and Ken brought cheese, crackers, and root beer to the "party".

These guys waited a bit too long to put their awning up.  Ours went up when the guy came driving around with lights flashing and warned us about a possible tornado.

We found ways to amuse ourselves during lulls in the storm so we wouldn't get too bored.

I admit that I Photoshopped in the lightning on this photo I took, but we actually did see lightning in front of blue sky just like this.  No tornadoes in the park but one was spotted a few miles away and there was a lot of rain, wind and hail along with the thunder and lightning. No damage was done to our "house" or truck.

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