Monday, June 14, 2010

June 4 - Sunday afternoon

Shep stayed with us for a couple of hours so Jason and Val could go shopping.  We went to the park and later ate popsicles to cool off since it was such a hot day.  I hate this weather. Not much shopping was done because Jason and Val were the first on the scene of a car accident involving a relative.  No one was hurt, but they helped her get organized and get home.

We braved the heat and humidity and went and found a few caches.  This cache is under what was a cattle bridge.  The bridge has been moved three times since then and now sits in the lovely Santa Fe park in Chanute.

This is what the bridge looks like when you aren't standing under it.  :-)

Karen, Galen and Shep at the end of a lovely afternoon - except for the heat and humidity.  Did I mention that I hate heat and humidity?

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