Saturday, June 23, 2012

Backtracking to Van Buren, AR

We ate lunch at the Boomerang Cafe.  There is an actual bullet hole under the letter o put there by Jack O'Malley in 1869.  The bar was then in Kansas.  It was later moved to a hotel in Joplin, MO, and then hidden away in storage for many years before finding a new home in Van Buren.

This slot doesn't do anything but sit here now, but was once used to pay for ladies of the evening who had rooms upstairs.

Another view showing the ceiling.

Can you guess now which brewery was once in this building?  This is the only eagle left that isn't in a museum.

The outside of the Boomerang Cafe.

There is some wonderful architecture downtown.

This is on the bank.

I looked up what happened here and learned a truck coming down the hill lost its brakes, lost control, and all of these people were killed.  To this day, no trucks are allowed on this hill.

Part of a downtown mural.

Downtown Van Buren, AR.

The train depot where tourists can still get a train ride.

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