Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bordello

The Victorian building has some unique architecture and stained glass windows.

There is a secret door behind the wardrobe so the more distinguished men in town (bankers, lawyers, ministers) could come and go without being seen.

Miss Laura, owner of this first class bordello, borrowed the  money to build it from a respectable banker in 1903 and paid off the loan in 17 months.  It was one of the most celebrated bordellos in the southwest and the first bordello to be put on the list of National Historic places.  Miss Laura sold the property in 1911 for $47,000 - a huge profit.  Little is known about her life after she sold her business to one of her girls and moved away.  The building was eventually abandoned and nearly torn down but instead was moved across the street and turned into a visitor center.

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