Monday, June 18, 2012

Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith started out as a jail.  The jail is on the left.

Galen and Shep at the paddy wagon

Galen, Shep and Val

Kind of a creep place.  Shep didn't like it much in here.

They hanged five men here in one day.  Judge Parker was called a hanging judge, but that really wasn't fair.  Sometime like 16 men were hanged here but Parker judged at thousands of trials.

Shep doing what little boys do.  :-)  He got caught on a hook climbing off the canon and totalled his favorite shorts.

Shep thought these woods were a bit scary until I pointed out all how much all the birds liked the trees and how much I liked the shade the trees gave us on a hot and humid day.

Fort Smith is on the Trail of Tears, a sad time in our history.

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