Friday, June 29, 2012

Urraca Cemetery

About a mile up the mountain there was once a small community called Urraca and they started a cemetery in a place where Native Americans once left their dead.  The community is no more but a local woman takes care of the cemetery and even had a book with as much information as she can find about the people buried there.  One woman killed herself at the cemetery the same day her mother was buried there.  The little dog in the photo is Jen's dog, Simon.

There are two stories about this headstone.  The one the cemetery caretaker believes is that this woman's son told him to contact the Mormon's about funds for burying her after she died and they did help him.

Amelia Earhart landed in the San Luis Valley after getting lost and there is a geocache at this marker we probably would not have found without the geocache information.  Amelia, the bison, is named after Amelia, the pilot.

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