Friday, June 29, 2012

Milagros Coffee Shop

They have the coolest non-profit coffee shop in Alamosa called Milagros.  The proceeds go back to help people in the community.  Milagros means miracles and that is exactly what this place got when they nearly had to close.  The needed $10,000 to keep going and won exactly that in some sort of lottery.  They are in need again because the building is up for sale.  Anyway, they have open mic once a month and an occasional concert.  We got there early and Jen, Ken, and Jen's visitors from Illinois, Tracy and Shelly got front row seats.

The show opened with these two people from Portland who took turns singing songs.  We really liked Matt and bought his CD.  He had a soothing voice and sang interesting songs that didn't blast you out of your seat.

Next up was a group called Sweet Onion that is a local favorite but they were too loud for me so I took Deja for a walk around downtown Alamosa.  I thought it was kind of cool that Matt was outside with me with earplugs in his ears.  :-)

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