Friday, June 29, 2012

Misc. Colorado photos

Karen and Deja.  Deja does a great job keeping coyotes, bears, and mountain lions out of the yard.

Jen's caretaker duties include feeding Amelia.

Kelly, at the head of the table, and Zana, his wife, built an earthbag home and we are picking their brains while having lunch at Cho Ku Rei in Crestone, CO.  I highly recommend the spinach pie and quinoa salad!

One of the downsides of living far from civilization is a 50 mile trip each way to the dump in Monte Vista, CO.

My bad knees come in handy sometimes.  I took photos while Galen and Jen did the dirty work.

After the dump, we stopped here for pizza - really, really good pizza!

Town is too far away to eat out much so we take turns making meals at home.  Her is a quinoa salad with lime chipotle dressing made by Karen.  New recipe.  It's a keeper!

This area gets over 340 days of sunshine a year.  I like cloudy days so grabbed a couple of photos.  The last photo was taken from our land.

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