Friday, June 29, 2012

Crestone, CO

We went back to Crestone today to see the earthbag home that Kelly and Zana built.  They built it for $35,000 and sold it for $250,000!  Kelly got permission from the owner to show us around.

This is the inside of a storage room that was left like this to show the earthbag construction.

The kitchen and dining area.

An office/TV room loft.

An upstairs bedroom.  Note the culvert windows.

The main bedroom.

The rest of the house is very unique so why shouldn't the TP holder be one of a kind, too?
Solar and solar hot water heater panels.  There is an inside garden behind the windows.

This was a practice earthbag building that is now a guest house.

A fence in downtown Crestone, CO

I don't know the history of this old building other than it was once a hardware store.

Another lovely storm photo.  It is especially lovely to see rain because there are horrific fires blazing in Colorado.  So far there have been none in the San Luis Valley where we are staying.

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