Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alaska Cruise - The ship

The Vivaldi Dining Room

We ate in the Vivaldi dining room on the fifth floor at 5:30 each night of the cruise.  Left to right:  Galen, Karen, Dimitar (our wonderful waiter), Margaret, Bill, Fred and Kathy.  Yvette, Pat, Larry and Lu are at the table behind us and to the right.   Each two tables had a waiter (red shirt) and an assistant waiter (green shirt).  They wore these shirts on Italian night but were more dressed up the other nights.
Yvette, Pat, Larry and Lu.  Yvette is the travel agent who set up the cruise and she is also Lu's sister.

Our home sweet home on the ship.  Some might think it is small but it is larger than what we are used to in our RV.

Another one of the pools.

The Horizon Room was on the 14th floor and was open 24/7.  We usually ate breakfast and lunch here and there was no specified time.  There were other little places where you could grab waffles in the morning and ice cream the rest of the day or omelets in the morning and pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers the rest of the day.

The center of the ship.  There was shopping, live music, and a mini-bar/coffee shop.

One of the seven galleys on the ship.  Each day 16 tons of food and beverages were served.  We came on board as passengers and left as cargo! 

This is the hallway to our room, C234.  The C stands for Caribe which is the 10th floor.  Actually this is only half the hallway and it is about that long looking in the opposite direction.  Maybe all the walking up and down the hall is why I didn't gain any weight on the cruise.

One of the things that has been on my bucket list for years is to sit on the deck of a ship and read.  It was every bit as pleasant as I imagined it would be.

There were a number of pools and hot tubs on the ship.   This one is near the front of the ship.

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