Monday, July 4, 2011

Cruise - Random Shots

Fred and Kathy, the newlyweds.

Larry and Lu celebrating their 40th anniversary.  No photo, but Galen and I are celebrating our 45th anniversary.  In addition to the yummy dessert and being serenaded by the waiters, we had balloons stuck outside our door and a sign on the door wishing us a happy anniversary.  Larry and Lu and Galen and I had rooms next door to each other and our balloons would drift between the two rooms so sometimes we had the usual two balloons and sometimes it was three or four.  Galen started it.  :-)

Larry, Lu and their walking tour guide in Ketchikan.  We hear the tour was excellent.

Pat and Yvette near the falls in downtown Ketchikan.

Upstairs in the Red Onion.

Margaret's favorite dessert.  It was small but rich and tasty.  I had it twice.

This is Steve Moris who played with the Beach Boys for 20 years.  He is an excellent musician and funny, funny comedian who is about to open his own show in Las Vegas.  We saw him in one of the lounges one evening when the focus was mostly on comedy and then saw him in the Princess theater the following afternoon to listen to him play music.  He has bought a house near Galena, IL, our old stomping grounds, so we talked with him a bit after the show.  Nice fellow.

Larry, Lu, Karen and Galen on the waterfront in Victoria, BC.  The Empress, where they serve high tea, is in the background.  We heard high tea costs about $60.

Margaret and Bill on the train out of Skagway.  We took this trip when we were in Alaska in 2005 and enjoyed it as much as Bill and Margaret did.

Lacey Knickers telling us about a woman who wasn't all that attractive but could still get men to fill up her skirt with gold nuggets.

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