Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 19 - Manitowoc, WI

Next stop was the home of Mountain View "family", Roger and Marie.  In addition to giving us a lovely place to stay complete with water and electricity, they took us on not one, not two, but three tours of downtown.  Inside joke.  What happened was that Galen hurt his back and needed a chiropractor.  There are three in town and on opposite sides of town and we drove back and forth three times trying to get in to see one of them.  We were eventually successful and Galen felt much better and we had fun joking about the tours of downtown for the rest of our visit.  :-)

One of the other places, besides downtown, Roger and Marie took us was so drive by and see these where they make these humungous Manitowoc cranes.  The photos don't do them justice.  I think the largest crane can lift 5 tons over 700'.  One of these cranes is currently being used to build a dam in an extremely remote area in Africa.  I wonder how much it costs one to rent one of these babies for over two years.

We ended our day with delicious Cedar Creek ice cream cones.  Galen and I shared one.

Maria, Roger, and Cedar Creek Cow.


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