Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 1 - Coulee Dam

I may have to backtrack and pick up some photos from June, but for today I'm just going to get caught up with July.  It's been a mixed bag so far this month - some really cool places and some long days on the road.  We don't like traveling 200-300 miles a day for five days out of seven (so far) but sometimes we have to.
Okay - Here's July 1:
The Coulee Dam

Larry, Lu, Galen and I took a tour of the dam and part of the tour was going across the top of the dam.

Pretty, isn't it?

Galen and Karen

We went geocaching after the tour and one of the caches was at this viewpoint.

We also had a nice view of Coulee City.

Galen is holding our GPS at a virtual cache.  There is no cache to find, but we had to answer a question and take a photo with GPS in hand.

This is the Windmill Park and all these wild and windmills were made by one creative man just using scraps of stuff.

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