Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 6 - Wallace, ID

This train station was moved to make room for the Interstate.  So glad they did.  It is a pretty building that houses a nice little gift shop and museum.

Downtown Wallace, ID.  No matter what direction you look in this town, you'll see mountains.

While Galen did the laundry, Lu, Larry and I went geocaching in town.  We didn't find the cache here.

We did find the one hidden here.

Eagle eye Larry spotted this one in a park at the edge of town.  It is the teeniest geocache I've ever seen.

After a pizza lunch, we took a tour of one of the silver mines.

Galen, Lu and Larry
Galen, Karen, Lu and Larry in their hard hats.

At the mine.

In the mine.

Ceiling reinforcement.  The "pins" holding this stuff into the ceiling go several feet into the rock.

An example of the set up for blasting.  It sounds like one blast, but is really three.  The last blast clears the mess out of the way from the first two.
Women are from Mars....

They sold coffee and ice cream at this funky place with a flying saucer outside.  I'm the only one who drinks coffee, but we all like ice cream.  It was a warm day so we had ice cream after the tour.
We didn't sit on this though.

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