Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cruise - Leaving Skagway

This unique rock formation was named for Soapy Smith, the most well known con man of the old west.  Soapy was born in Georgia, ran his cons in several places before going to Skagway, and was shot and killed in Skagway on July 8, 1890.  He is buried outside of town, too far out to have time to go see his grave.  We passed by this skull in the cliffs when we left and returned to the ship.

The Sapphire Princess docked in Skagway.  We are on our way back to the ship after our tour and some shopping for a Skagway collector's pin for me (I have over 100 pins now.).  If you look closely, you can find Lu and Galen.  Larry went kayaking today so isn't in any of today's photos.

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  1. Oh wow- some ship. Must have been a great trip.