Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 20 - Lake Michigan Ferry

The Badger ready to board vehicles for the four hour ferry ride across Lake Michigan.  The other options to get to the other side of the Lake include a very long drive north across the UP of Michigan or going south and driving through Chicago.  The ferry was expensive - $343 for us and our RV - but worth it.  It was no Sapphire Princess but they had fountain drinks and good popcorn and we had our Kindles so we were happy.

Cost is determined by measuring from the back bumper of the truck to the back bumper of the 5th wheel - 28' for us.  Workers drive all the vehicles onto the ferry.  The guy who backed our RV in knew what he was doing.

Our RV was the last vehicle boarded and the first vehicle off the ferry.  Workers also drive all vehicles off the ferry and into the parking lot

Roger and Marie

Farewell to Manitowoc.  We wish we'd had more time to hang out with Roger and Marie and bike the Maritime Trail.

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