Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cruise - Skagway, Alaska

Yvette, Pat, Galen, Karen, and Lu in downtown Skagway.
The historic building is made of driftwood.  It was built in 1899 as the headquarters for Arctic Brotherhood Camp Skagway #1, a fraternal organization.  There were 30 of these camps established throughout Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia. 
From left to right:  An employee from the ship who is from Russia, Lacey Knickers, our tour guide, Galen, Karen, and Lu.  We met near the ship for our ghost/brothel tour of downtown Skagway.

Lacey Knickers and Pat giving her a tip for a job well done.  Lacey is an actor from New York and gave an interesting and fun tour.  She would holler out to people on the street and tell them her streetwalkers, meaning us, were available at 8pm.  She also tried to hire a few tourists on the street to work in the Red Onion. 

The ghost/brothel tour turned out to be more brothel than ghost.  The building above was called a "crib" back in the 1800s and was shared by two ladies of the evening.  The girls in the cribs were a step above the girls who walked around with mattresses strapped to their backs but a step below the girls who worked upstairs in the Red Onion Saloon.

Two haunted buildings in downtown Skagway.  The woman who haunted the yellow building is a kind ghost who was kind in real life, too, and tried to help prostitutes find a better way of life.

Our tour ended inside the Red Onion Saloon.

One of the rooms upstairs.  The girls were allowed to decorate their rooms any way they liked and one of the rooms had 17 layers of wallpaper on it!  It sure is a skinny little bed.

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