Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cruise - Victoria, British Columbia

This is the Parliament Building and they turn these lights on every night at dusk.  It is really pretty if you can take the photo a little bit later than I did, but we didn't have very much time in Victoria so couldn't dawdle.  This is too bad because Victoria is a lovely place and a couple of weeks instead of a few hours wouldn't be too much.

This looks like a toy taxi, but it is real and can hold a couple of people.

There is a way cool totem pole park in Victoria.

This is a bear holding onto a man.

We were in Victoria years ago, before we started RVing, and took a photo like this.

Back to the ship for one last time.

Victoria is full of flowers and gorgeous plants and bushes and gorgeous Butchart Gardens was nearby, but there wasn't time to visit.

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  1. Well I think that building looks very pretty at the time you were there. Such an interesting set of photos.